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We supply castings made of common casting materials and produced by standard technologies in all weight categories, complete with raw-state heat treatment, rough-machined including a material allowance for machining, or with complete final-dimension machining.

Machining center bed,
GG 25 DIN 1691,
5.600 kg

1. Grey iron castings GG 15 to GG 30 according to the DIN 1691 standard
2. Nodular iron castings GGG 40.3, GGG 40 to GGG 80 according to the DIN 1693 standard
3. Steel Castings - we offer a complete range of carbon, low-, medium-, and high-alloy materials according to the DIN 1681, 17182, 17245, 17445, and 17465 standards
4. Non-ferrous metals castings - aluminum and copper alloys - brass and bronze

Casting technologies:

- sand moulds castings
- gravity moulds castings
- continuously cast profiles
- lost-pattern polystyrene castings
- centrifugal castings
- precision castings
- die castings

We provide heat treatment machining of the castings through annealing, steel-grade increasing, quenching, tempering and nitration including a protocol on the heat treatment process.

Tractor console,
GGG 40 DIN 1683, 63 kg

Wind-power plant casing,
GS 16Mn5 DIN 17182, 370 kg

Pump body,
GG 25 DIN 1691, 572 kg

Pump ,
cooper alloy, 78 kg

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