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For the production of castings and drop forgings, we supply the following:
  • new casting patterns and core boxes for machine- as well as manual forming in sand moulds of wood, metal, epoxy resins or possibly of a combination of these materials
  • wood and metal pattern plates
  • iron ingot moulds for the production of castings of non-ferrous metals and for centrifugal casting
  • forging tools
  • moulds for precision casting
  • polystyrene patterns for lost-pattern casting

Supplies of casting patterns comply with the DIN 1511 standards.
For the casting patterns supplied by the customer, we arrange adaptation to the foundry's technology.

When proposing material, design and prices of the casting models and moulds, we take into consideration the customer's requirements on repeated production and, in addition to the dimensional accuracy achieved through marking out of the testing pieces, we guarantee the negotiated service life.

The casting patterns and moulds are stored in heated warehouses exclusively..

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