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We are able to supply all the semi-manufactured products on offer including the machining. We also offer rough machined parts with material allowance of 2 - 5 mm.

According to the requirements on the parts accuracy and the volume of production, we choose the NC and CNC technologies for:

1. Turning

2. Milling

3. Drilling

4. Grinding

We also offer the production of gearing-wheels using milling and grinding up to the diameter of 4.000 mm with the option of providing the dimensional protocol produced by a measuring device.
If required, we are able to guarantee the production of toothed parts of a larger diameter.

Our aim is to keep increasing the proportion of the completely finished engineering parts and to decrease the proportion of the semi-manufactured parts. Consequently, we provide you with an even better quality warranty by detecting the possible defects during machining and removing them.

Machining quality and compliance with all the required material tolerances is well documented through exact measurements using the CNC - 3-D measuring devices and providing the corresponding protocol.

Connecting rod, 34 CrNiMo6 V, 2.740 kg


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