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We offer welded structures, including pressure vessels, made of carbon- and stainless steel with a piece-mass of up to approx. 100.000 kg. The weld quality is checked by the ultrasound or penetration method.
Press slide, 28.000 kg

When manufacturing weldments, we use common technologies.

1. Material preparation 
  • oxygen, plasma, water jet, and laser cutting
  • edge forming, bending, arch forming, piercing
  • block surface cleaning, pickling, and blasting
2. Welding according to ÈSN/EN 287-1 standard
  • manual welding using a coated electrode
  • arc-electrode welding using an MIG, MAG, or WIG technology
  • welding using robots

3. Heat treatment of weldments 

  • annealing to reduce the internal stress
  • normalizing annealing
4. Machining of weldments 

5. Priming or final coat


Crusher´s upper part,
13.700 kg

Gearbox,  390 kg


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