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Our quality strategy is based upon your requirements and our goals - to supply products of the required quality, within the determined deadline and on a competitive price level.
Already the selection of sub-contractors itself is subject to very restrictive criteria determined in co-operation with you. Most of our suppliers have implemented quality management system according to the standards of the ISO 9001/ISO 9002 series, and have introduced material and product certificates.

Our goal during all the production stages is the highest quality possible, with the aim to supply products of homogenous material structure, of high surface quality, but also of good machinability and dimensional precision after the machining.

With our products, we provide:

1. Material acceptance inspections

According to the DIN 50049 / EN 10204 standards for chemical composition and mechanical properties, material acceptance inspections through such companies as GL, LRS, BV, DNV, ABS, etc. including a certificate on the heat treatment process.

2. Non-destructive tests

The internal quality of products is verified through non-destructive tests - ultrasound, x-ray radiography and magnetic tests . These include issuing the corresponding certificates.

3. Weld check

For welded products, a general welding license certificate is available. The weld quality is documented by ultrasound and penetration tests.

4. Dimensional check

The production of casting patterns and moulds is based upon the prescribed allowance limits for semi-manufactured products. We supply the casting patterns and moulds with a certificate of completeness and dimensional precision.

When we start producing new metallurgical products we submit for an inspection the semi-manufactured products marked out and with a dimensional protocol so that the magnitude of material allowance can be verified.

With supplies of machined blocks, using the traditional measuring methods is a commonplace. We test the precision-workpiece allowance using the CNC 3-D measuring devices.

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